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Colombia Huila

Colombia Huila

A sensational coffee from the Huila region in Colombia. Local women harvest ripe cherries from farms sitting at ~5500 feet. This coffee is wet processed using traditional fermentation, washed with pure mountain water & sun dried on patios.



Origin: Colombia, Huila Region.


Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Colombia Huila

  1. Andy

    Amazing. Had it espresso and was packed with flavour and depth. Closest thing to Cafe quality coffee… in my own home! Will absolutely be re-ordering

  2. Brad

    Delicious columbian single origin 🙂 nutty, earthy and well balanced with a delightful level of acidity. Incredibly well priced, I have been drinking this as a long black for months now and will continue to order as I just can’t find anything that comes close at this price point. Highly recommend.

  3. Stuart Fisher

    Awesome coffee. Quick delivery Excellent customer service.

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